Animated feature film / IP Development


The journey of a young man who lives at the foot of an ever-walking giantess. He wishes to make his way up until the top of it in order to change the way it walks.

RAONI is an original IP and animated feature film project with script and direction by Pedro Harres. It aims not only at box office, but also the branding of several products; e.g. games, action figures, apps, web/TV content, XR, etc.

A community with over 10.000 inhabitants lives piled up inside of a giantess that somewhat resembles a walking favela. It is kilometers high. Visually, it combines steampunk engineering, pre-hispanic graphisms and other latin american afro-references. This is the world of Raoni, a young man that lives with his tribe on the right foot of this giantess. Revolted, he abandons his dangerous and miserable life on the lower levels to help his companions. On his way towards the top, he discovers a fantastic world, with a complexity never seen before. Each part of the giantess stands for an organ of the human body where he meets new enemies and allies. As he rises, his conscience of the structure of this world and his desire to change the way it works/walks becomes the same.


Fiction Series (live-action).


A square room in a skyscraper with two armchairs and a panorama view to the whole city. At this place works a psychotherapist specialized in treating people who share the same rare condition. Among other traits, her patients can fly. Literally.

WINGSPAN is a fictional series entirely made of psychotherapy sessions. It combines psychological research and allegorical figures to explore how does it feel to be a flyer in a world where the vast majority of people cannot fly. What are the issues that can arise from such condition? What are the fears, wishes and hopes of these exceptional beings? Flying is not the consequence of a single type of trauma, a specific mental illness or the fruit of a fixed combination of emotional aspects. Each character has a different background, flies in their own way, has a unique vision of their ability and has to deal with unique psychological issues from their unusual condition.

An Arkanum Pictures Production, with financial Support from Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg.

Towards Guizos

Fiction feature film.

Rumo a Guizos

Catarina (70 years) wants to drive her Oldsmobile 1975 to the distant town of Guizos, she is almost blind. Zenon is the cabdriver hired to guide her, from his own vehicle, a few meters ahead.

Taking a 1957 Oldsmobile to the town of Guizos. This is the reason for two lonesome people to depart in an uncommon journey. Catarina abandons her peaceful days at the nursing home where she lives, and decides to drive her car with her own hands through the roads nationwide. Nearly blind, she enlists the help of the cabdriver Zenon to lead the way from his taxi. With a few meters ahead and with his blinkers on, he does what Catarina's tired eyes can no longer do. Two strangers in an umbilical connection, very close and at the same time kept apart by the road that binds them.

Freely inspired by the philosophical paradox known as "Zeno's Arrow", in which all movement is impossible, the film focuses on the simplicity of its proposal: a contemporary fable about the distance between two strangers and the barriers we build up for protection.

A latin road movie about the many kilometers two people need to travel to overcome a few meters keeping them apart. Every sojourn, meal, ride and road shoulder is another small step closer between these two strangers who find in each other's company something they had thought was gone from their lives. And on the winding roads that take Catarina and Zenon Towards Guizos, the path becomes more important than the destination.


Interactive sculpture.


This electronic art project is guided by the doubt: is the contact with technology generating a new form of disease or a new form of individual or conciousness?

The moving sculpture reacts not only to its surroundings, but it also exists and interacts autonomously with the visitors in social media. Its consciousness blurs the frontiers between the gallery space and the web.