Fictional Series | In Development

SADIA (37) is a psychotherapist who works at the top of a glazed skyscraper with a panoramic view over a metropolis. In order to distance herself from the career of her renowned stepfather and finally confront a family trauma, she sets a new focus for her practice: she will start treating and unusual type of patients. These people can fly. Literally.


WINGSPAN is a fictional series entirely made of psychotherapy sessions. It combines psychological research and allegorical figures to explore how does it feel to be a flyer in a world where the vast majority of people cannot fly. What are the issues that can arise from such condition? What are the fears, wishes and hopes of these exceptional beings?

In Wingpan flying is not the consequence of a single type of trauma, a specific mental illness or the fruit of a fixed combination of emotional aspects. Each character has a different background, flies in their own way, has a unique vision of their ability and has to deal with unique psychological issues from their unusual condition. Each episode focus on a single patient.

The main character is Sadia, a therapist that guides us through the labyrinths of each flyer's mind and heart. She seeks an understanding of the strange ability in each case. However, Sadia also has a secret intention.

  • Current Phase of the Project: Pre-Production

  • Expected End of Production: Fall 2024

  • Planned Duration: Pilot Mini Season, 3 Episodes à 10-15 Minutes
  • Team

    • Director:
      Pedro Harres
    • Producer:
      Stephan Bernardes
    • Scriptwriters:
      Sophia Bierend
      Thandi Sebe
    • Cinematographer:
      Lena Krenz
    • Production Design:
      Thilde Habrant
    • Technical Support:
      Sebastien Wilhelm


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