DROWNING (Ertrinken) is a commissioned animated short produced for Die Zeit and German Ministry of Foreign Affair as part of the “Vermächtnis Der Deutsche” short film contest, in which it won the public award.


Hans is not as young as he used to be. In order to avoid his loneliness, he must learn how to swim in the big sea of information that is the Internet nowadays. Is he prepared for the overwhelming amount of distractions and traps that the online world can offer?

Full Film


  • Duration:
    5m 30s
  • Animation Technique:
    2D and 3D Digital
  • Resolution:
    1998 x 1080
  • Aspect Ratio:
    1.85 : 1
  • Framerate:
    24 fps
  • Sound:
    Dolby Digital 5.1


  • Direction:
    Pedro Harres
  • Production:
    Cléo Laetitia Campe
  • Direction Assistance:
    Maria Teixeira
  • Montage:
    Brigitte Schmidle
  • Storyboard:
    Maria Teixeira
    Pedro Harres
    Marius Magracia
  • Scenography:
    Rafael Loß
  • Sound Design:
    Felix Lau
    Julia Borelli
  • Mixing:
    Sebastian Sánchez
  • Music:
    Yu-Hung Lin
  • Animation:
    Hermes Lima
    Marcos Piolla
  • Animation Assistance:
    Marius Magracia
    Jimmy Nevell
  • Compositing:
    Nicolas Grendena
    Zanin Bakaran
    Bianca Canato Toloi
    Ivan Stefan
    Diego Camacho
    Vladimir Dostal>
  • 3D Modelling:
    Nobuhiko Suzuki
  • Visual Supervisor:
    Jana Pape
  • Colour Grading:
    Jana Pape
    Marc Leyval
  • Character Design:
    Yongxin Wang
  • Texture Artist:
    Martin Losack
  • Layouts:
    Yongxin Wang
    Pilar Prado
    Jimmy Nevell
    Ulf Grenzer
  • Concepts:
    Anastasija Kretzschmar
  • Props:
    Jimmy Nevell
    Pilar Prado
    Sophia Schönborn
  • Colouring:
    Cléo Laetitia Campe
    Marius Magracia
    Jasmina Guettal
  • Additional Storyboard:
    Müge Bulazar
  • Additional 3D:
    Friedrich Kiessling
  • Additional Voice Recording:
    Sebastian Sánchez
  • Voices:
    Frederik Costea
    Amal Leyla Keller
    Luzie Juckenburg
    Max-Josef Schönborn
    Christopher Buettner
  • Project Coordination Film University:
    Nicole Jatta
  • DCI Mastering:
    Enrico Matthias
  • Production Supervision:
    Uli Kunz
  • Line Production:
    Andrea Wohlfeil
  • DFA Project Management:
    Anne Ballschmieter
  • DFA Project Assistance:
    Maria Mehnert
  • Supervising Professors and Teaching Staff
    Prof. Cristina Schindler
    Prof. Gergana Miladinowa-Voigt
  • Thanks To:
    Jefferson Bastida
    Bruno Armstrong
    Larissa Lewandoski Dick
    João de Ricardo
    Raissa Kellermann
    Markus Wende
    Ulf Grenzer
    Prof. Felix Gönnert
    Julia Dufek
    Prof. Frank Geßner
    Oliver Seiter
    Prof. Björn Stockleben
    Katrin Springer
    Louis Chieux
    Sebastian Sánchez
    Gloria Gammer
    Luisa Schneider
    Anna Schmelz
    Remo Pellegrini